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Fine. Now, iTweet.

It’s funny now that I have realized how much I hated Twitter before. In my weekly column, there’s always a bit of scoop about this social network being a monster to today’s generation.

However, I still stick to what I have been telling my readers in the past issues of GuessWhat: Twitter is fun to use as long as you are responsible enough to stand by what you say. Or tweet, rather.

I followed mostly the pages coming from news and public affairs, traveling tips, and some of what others may call “boring”. Then again, I would love to have interaction with the people I know and would want to get to know thru Twitter.

So if it’s not too much to ask, *ahem* please follow me on Twitter by clicking the link below. ———> MaicaIsCarmela on Twitter

Thank you, and may we all practice responsible Tweeting. ๐Ÿ™‚


The first 1,000 views.

Writing and me: it’s a love-hate relationship.

When I started blogging last February 2011, confidence was completely “out-of-stock” for me. I created the blog just for the heck of having one. Having an on-line collection of works was the main purpose of halfblotprincess, that is why in the first few entries, I literally dragged myself into scribbling a few words here and there.

Someone even told me that he was not even sure if I am indeed a writer or not. He made up by adding “… but you sure are one interesting and generous person…”

I even received a very intriguing comment in one of my entries. Good thing WordPress asks for the user to approve the comment first before having it posted directly on the wall. Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Some people may liken my stories to trash. Some may find them like faint stars shining in the darkest night sky.

These past few days, I have come to realize that nothing could ever take away the passion in me to tell my tales in the form of words.

Even if the same people view my entries 10x a day, still I would not be able to reach the 1k count, had not been for the efforts to click the link to my blogsite.

And for that, I thank everyone for taking time to read my stories. Cheers to the next thousand-hits.

Hater or not, salamat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

"Standing here, it's all so clear. I'm where I'm meant to be." =)

Press “Like”.

Social networking sites must be eating me alive.

I cannot end the day without checking my account in each of the following: Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Gmail and WordPress.

In the early days of the “SMS mania” here in the country, I kept telling myself that I would not be too engrossed with it, should I own a cellular phone soon. The day that I was going to have my own mobile phone finally came – it was October 2000. The moment I started tapping my fingers on the keyboard of my Nokia 5110, I knew that the two of us would be inseparable. Or, I would not allow myself to be far from it. I remember my grandmother telling me one morning that she kept hearing “discreet, soft taps” on the keys of the TV‘s remote control around 1am. I didn’t say that it was I who produced the soft tapping sounds. Thinking back of those days, I cannot believe how addicted I was with mobile phones.

My grandmother no longer complains about the “tapping” of keys.

Know why?

Because she now gets irritated with my use of the internet.

Facebook, to be specific. ๐Ÿ™‚

The “Like” Button

ACT OF RANDOM LIKENESS: Pressing the "Like" Button

Who doesn’t know how to use the “Like” button on Facebook?

“Hot Momma – will take the dog to the park for a long walk.” *click* Like

“The Script: Live in Manila – *click* Like

“Go ahead. Stalk me.” – *click* Like

“I have no purpose in life. I wanna die. Kill me now! >:(“ – *click* Like


This small option, when clicked, paves the way to numerous interpretations.

If Facebook Admin were to post a survey note asking you to give your reasons why you clicked the “Like” button, what would your answer be?

I clicked “Like” because…

a. the post/photo/video/link is just all over my wall.

b. more than 10 persons liked it.

c. he/she is my relative.

d. I was forced to.

e. it doesn’t matter. I don’t know anything about what he/she has posted anyway.

f. there’s my competition who keeps on liking all the posts. He’s/She’s everywhere!

g. I am stalking this person and he/she doesn’t know about it.

h. I need to get his/her attention. If I keep on liking his/her posts, he/she will finally notice me.

i. not a single person has ever liked any of his/her posts. Pity.

j. the post/photo/video/link is just legendary. It’s worth the effort I exerted while clicking “Like“.


For sure, there are much more reasons why people click the “Like” button on Facebook. I find it sometimes funny when I “like” someone’s post, and then later on he/she likes whatever my post is. Returning the favor, I suppose? Hopefully not. ๐Ÿ™‚

In reality though, you cannot just force yourself to like someone back just because he/she showed interest on you. Some things are really hard to press, especially when you know that taking the risk with that person would not be worth all your time and effort.


Clicking Facebook’s “Like” takes you about less than three seconds to do so.


Superficial. Sugar-coated.


To like someone back in real life requires more – not just your time.


Feelings emerge. Expectations build up.


It’s never about returning the favor.


It’s about forming a relationship, where, who knows? Could be yours for keeps.







So much for Facebook. No wonder my grandma does not approve of it that much. ๐Ÿ™‚








the day job: wake up your teacher

Blogs are supposed to be interesting and fun to read. I cannot completely say that what I have written exudes both adjectives.

Defying gravity.

Breaking the norms.

Taking a breather.



I have always loved going to school. Aside from learning new stuff (well that’s one of the main reasons why we enroll in a class, right?), what kept me excited were my friends. Cliche it may sound, but these people motivated me to drag myself out of bed every single day of my school life.

Good morning and How do you do.

Sing and dance.

Throw and catch.

Read and write.

Add and subtract.

Draw and color.

Goodbye and Thank you.

A concept then was instilled in my mind: school was definitely “LEARN and PLAY” at the same time.

Well I was a student back then – I was platonic and very idealistic (which I remain to be until now).ย  Things changed when I became a teacher. School was not all about L&P after all.

I work in the province, and getting to Manila to attend reunions and gatherings is quite a hassle for me. I sometimes do not get my weekends off due to the pile of work which need to be addressed. Handling kids with special needs can be draining, and at the end of the day our powers have been sucked already by all the activities we have performed. Sometimes, I feel like I am being eaten alive whenever there are frustrations between me and my students. So there’s no big room for us (my co-teacher) to do all the paperworks at the same day.

There have been instances where I bailed out from my social life mementos. I know I would say yes, but then things start to go crazy before the much awaited day comes. Thanks to social networking sites, I am able to be up to date with whatever my friends have been doing.

Just recently, I saw pictures of my former professors in college thru Facebook. While browsing them one by one, nostalgia started to kick in. Their faces painted bright-wide eyes and young hearts, despite the fact that these people are not getting any younger each day. Now I was able to see the human side of these teachers whom I feared and loved for 4 years. They enjoyed simple gatherings and small get-together events, just as I do now, being in the same field. Years from now, I hopeย  that I would still remain as a teacher who is young at heart and in mind.

They too have their share of sacrifices just to have their tasks done efficiently. Maybe one of them did not even have a social life to live back then.

I left school earlier this morning (4:00 am)l, together with our secretary, after printing the documents needed for an upcoming visit by an accrediting agency. Our teachers have been getting sleepless nights, just to make sure that all the necessary papers are handed over to the principal just in time. Practically all members of the school community work together to live out what the school claims – providing a tradition of academic excellence to its clientele.

With the phase we are working on in our school right now, a teacher havingย  pimples here and there is a nothing more but a normal dilemma already. Outburst of emotions by a stressed co-worker has become tolerable for most of us here. Despite what I have mentioned, most of them still manage to smile and move with grace even under pressure.

For teachers, school is not all about learning and playing. It is also about patience, service and perseverance. The school is a teacher’s place for self-discovery; where she would be able to find out in the end that she was able to do things she never thought she could.

I still do not have the right to regard myself as a “teacher”. I have still got a long way to be like one. Compared to the people I work with now, I have no match at all.

Pretty sure you still remember who your favorite teacher is. In one way or another, he/she has made a remarkable difference in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to say hi and catch up with each other? Because when you were still his/her young student, you were one of his/her top priorities.

Our teachers played a big role in building the life that we live today.

Thank a teacher. It pays. =)

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