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Mr. Flintstone is a wild child

Call him what? Mr. Flintstone? Because he can what? This is just so hilarious! 😀

So for the past few nights, me and a friend have been listening to this program in a radio station where the listeners are allowed to share their personal experiences on heartaches, more heartbreaks and sex. The latter in fact serves as the “main dish” of the menu, while the former as the appetite.

To say that the radio program is entertaining is an understatement. More than being entertained, the stories actually trigger people’s imaginations as the DJ and the caller exchange “double-meaning” conversations. Steamy scoops after all become fun to listen to especially when it is during an unholy hour.

However, some people do not know how to filter their stories. Yes there is anonymity in the part of the caller, but not all listeners have the taste to digest too much details of the sexcapade. Talk about prudence? It seems  that this virtue has long been gone, despite the strong call of the media for responsible censorship.

I do not have anything against the radio program. In fact, we kinda look forward to each episode. I just find myself in disbelief sometimes on how the modern day men and women take the word “liberal” too literally. Or should I say that we tend to take advantage of the true essence of what the word means?

Letting this all out would paint a picture of me as someone who has not done anything in the name of liberty. Some may even beg to disagree and say that it is a-okay to let the whole world know whose bed was rocked last night. After all, in the era that we are living in nowadays, WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP. 😀

To talk about personal and intimate experiences once in a while can be healthy. But seriously, some people just need to learn how not to turn a small talk into a trash talk. The nitty-gritty can indeed make us smile wide from ear to ear, but when is “too much”, too much?

Honesty is the best policy? Heck yeah.

So much for coming clean, dirty talk can really be pleasing to the ears. 😉


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