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Away from Rizal, Same Feeling: Azkals Viewing Party at Dillingers 1903

Unlike my brother and my male cousins who are very much addicted to football, I consider myself as a mere spectator of such sport. Sometimes though, I watch the European games on TV, just so I could relate to the usual sporty conversations we have as a family… aside from longboarding, of course. 🙂

Until the PHL Azkals started playing mad… Now I’m in love with football as well.

The Search for the Golden Tickets

I really wanted to try something new, so instead of watching the game at home, I had this spur of the moment decision to look for tickets to the Azkals match against Sri Lanka. I had to bug my mom, sister and cousins to go to TicketWorld outlets just to check if they have started selling the extra printings for those who would want to watch the game at Rizal Memorial Stadium. We were going for the 200-300Php prices, but alas, the tickets were already sold out during the first 30 minutes of release. Talk about madness! 🙂

Cheers and Beers at Dillingers 1903

So we gave up with the ticket hunting, and decided to watch the July 3 game at home. Good thing, my cousin had a friend who was able to give us free invites at a viewing party sponsored by cable provider Sky Cable and ABS-CBN Sports. I knew what the invite meant – I’ve got an awesome weekend waiting for me! 🙂

Dillingers 1903 was a great place for a viewing party! 🙂

Dillingers 1903 is one of the most popular restaurants found in Greenbelt 3. The bar’s theme is inspired by what you usually see in gangster films: dark and cozy, despite the fact that it was named after an infamous bank robber named John Dillinger who was born in 1903. With a wide range of alcoholic drinks you could choose from, we knew that the viewing party for the Azkals game would definitely be fun.

Good thing we arrived early. The place was jampacked!

We arrived there with an hour to spare. We however decided to choose our seats for we knew lots of people would be arriving soon. And yes, they did arrive in packs!

The event was co-presented by ConZace, Samsung SMART TV and Emperador Light; they were also responsible for providing a very interesting afternoon for the audience. Free samples of the vitamins and brandy were everywhere, and Samsung was very generous with their raffle prizes. Spa gift certificates were also awarded to lucky ticket holders. See? These freebies and more make viewing parties extraordinary.

The foreigner deserved the ESPN bag. He was cheering for the Azkals way too loud. ^_^

My brother JC was a lucky winner of the Samsung USB.

Philippine Azkals v Sri Lanka Brave Reds

The game was the main reason why people gathered in the pub that day, and we all looked forward to a good game. Of course, Filipinos all around the world stepped up and hoped that our homeboys would do well.

The PHL Azkals did not fail us – even gave the crowd a breathtaking score of 4-0 against the opponent! When Chieffy Caligdong scored the first goal, the crowd just went wild! The little man compared to the heights of his teammates continue to stand proud, thanks to his skills.

Angel Guirado’s goal made us cling at the edge of our seats. We somehow expected that he would trip and wouldn’t be able to score that goal. He passed the goalkeeper in struggle, and was able to give the PHL another score. All smiles he was after the shot! Natural charmer he is, this guy’s first visit in the Philippines made him buy a Filipino flag to bring back to Spain. Cute story, isn’t it? 🙂

Worth-mentioning of course, is Phil Younghusband’s two epic goals. He was so on top of his game. Thanks to Angel Locsin, perhaps? Hmm. I would like to think that his drive was mainly because of the Filipinos’ support and love for him.

I prayed for the Azkals last Sunday. Did you?

Minutes before the game ended, we already smelled victory. The Azkals are definitely going to Kuwait! 🙂

The Azkals Effect

So what difference did the Sunday’s Azkals match make in the history of the Philippines? Well, aside from the fact that we were all united that day regardless our locations, our country made it to the 2nd round of the Asian Qualifiers. This goes to show that we have definitely what it takes to dream for that World Cup. Dream big, think epic… right?

And yes, I was glad to make new friends that day. This football madness surely brings a lot of people together!

Everyone at Dillingers rejoiced after the match, and I’m pretty sure that we felt the same hype those people who watched in Rizal had. Though it would have been fun to be drenched in the rain while cheering “Go Team” and singing “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!”, viewing parties could give you the excitement as long as your heart is really into what you are watching. 🙂

So for those who would not be able to get a ticket for the next home game on July 28, you may catch Aly, Chieffy, Neil, Phil, James, Stephan, Ian and the rest of the PHL Azkals battle against Kuwait (in full HD) at the nearest viewing party near you. You may also contact your local cable provider for inquiries and invites.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter where we watched it. What is important is that our confidence and support for the Azkals would be there and would never die down, as they travel along the road to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

This is the Azkals’ journey, and it’s every Filipino’s journey.



Follow Dillingers1903 on Twitter for more viewing party updates! Looks like the place is going to be another venue for football fanatics. 🙂


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