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Once Upon the Growing Pains

can someone take me here, please?

Have you ever noticed that same feeling you get when watching a fairytale movie? Disney films have a good way of plucking the heartstrings of its viewers. Everytime I see how the prince rescues the damsel in distress; how the villagers rejoice when their kingdom recovers from the wicked villain; how the plot takes a sharp twist towards the end of the story which makes me mouth “Oh-my-freaking-god-how-did-that-happen” – the more I realize how some of my dreams require more than hard work and perseverance for them to turn into realities.

fly away, with me.

I bet you played “Let’s Pretend” several times when you were younger. I did too! It was fun, wasn’t it? Round up a few of your playmates and create your own film, kingdom, classroom or sari-sari store.  When we were kids, little did we know that the roles we simulated were actually big. Most girls would fight over who would play the role of “Mother” in Bahay-bahayan. Little boys would do the “maalis taya” method to see who gets to be the “Father” of the house. In short, we were just too giddy to grow up. We were too excited to be called “teens”.

We were so caught up with the realization that we do not want to pretend anymore.

“Being grown-up isn’t half as fun as growing up.”

And then it happened…

We grew up.

We opened our eyes to a world so much different when we were kiddos. Some found delight in today’s trends. For some, the horror.

The roles we used to fantasize back then are just beyond our reach. The brave souls dared to play in real life, while there are still few who are in doubt whether they would take a dip in the hot water.

Try listening to the song In This Diary by The Ataris, and know that the craziest things are done best when you’re younger. 🙂

Say that you could use a wish right now, what would you ask for?

Destiny. Fate. God’s perfect plan.

But we can’t always live the fairytale kind of life.

Broke someone else’s trust?I did as well.

Made promises and never made them happen? I had my share, too.



You screwed up? I screwed up.

Trapped in the fragile little bodies before, who among us knew what responsibilities and complications meant?

Take me to that great place with wonders and wishes. (Photo by Santino del Castillo)

In the land of make believe, nothing will hold you from living the dream you always had in mind.

In the world of reality, you have to weigh your options and later on opt not only for your benefit, but for others as well.

In the land of make believe, you could say what you want and need to say.

In the world of reality, you think twice before uttering words.

In the land of make believe, you get what you want, easy as 123.

In the world of reality, you struggle and fight for your desires and needs.

In the land of make believe, “you and me” is a possibility.

In the world of reality, chances are… there’s only “you” and “me”.

So where on earth can I find the Land of Make Believe? 😐



“We don’t take photographs of things that don’t mean anything to us. “

I am such a weheartit baby. The pics there are just way too awesome.

Thanks Santino del Castillo  for the bubbly picture. 🙂


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    Posted by santino del castillo | April 15, 2011, 2:45 am
  2. get cape. wear cape. fly. = epekto talaga ng droga. tsk. haha!

    Posted by santino del castillo | April 15, 2011, 2:53 am

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