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Ayun oh. Oh eh sorry naman.


o edi kayo na nga ang rich. grrr.

This is just tragic. If ever this is real, edi sila na nga ang may karapatan na huminga ng hangin jan sa Greenbelt 4. Good thing Makati is just sooooooooooooo far from Timog area. 😡


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i teach: kids with special needs. i write: 3 things - for fun, for living, fo sho! =)) i read: whatever i can find in the library and at home. if nothing interests me, there's always the bookstore to satisfy my needs. =) i am a: certified crammer. i will: give this blog a shot and see where it takes me.


2 thoughts on “Ayun oh. Oh eh sorry naman.

  1. Thanks for the vote in the forums. Where was this photo taken? It’s shocking!

    Posted by Jennifer Avventura | March 28, 2011, 5:36 pm

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