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Press “Like”.

Social networking sites must be eating me alive.

I cannot end the day without checking my account in each of the following: Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Gmail and WordPress.

In the early days of the “SMS mania” here in the country, I kept telling myself that I would not be too engrossed with it, should I own a cellular phone soon. The day that I was going to have my own mobile phone finally came – it was October 2000. The moment I started tapping my fingers on the keyboard of my Nokia 5110, I knew that the two of us would be inseparable. Or, I would not allow myself to be far from it. I remember my grandmother telling me one morning that she kept hearing “discreet, soft taps” on the keys of the TV‘s remote control around 1am. I didn’t say that it was I who produced the soft tapping sounds. Thinking back of those days, I cannot believe how addicted I was with mobile phones.

My grandmother no longer complains about the “tapping” of keys.

Know why?

Because she now gets irritated with my use of the internet.

Facebook, to be specific. 🙂

The “Like” Button

ACT OF RANDOM LIKENESS: Pressing the "Like" Button

Who doesn’t know how to use the “Like” button on Facebook?

“Hot Momma – will take the dog to the park for a long walk.” *click* Like

“The Script: Live in Manila – *click* Like

“Go ahead. Stalk me.” – *click* Like

“I have no purpose in life. I wanna die. Kill me now! >:(“ – *click* Like


This small option, when clicked, paves the way to numerous interpretations.

If Facebook Admin were to post a survey note asking you to give your reasons why you clicked the “Like” button, what would your answer be?

I clicked “Like” because…

a. the post/photo/video/link is just all over my wall.

b. more than 10 persons liked it.

c. he/she is my relative.

d. I was forced to.

e. it doesn’t matter. I don’t know anything about what he/she has posted anyway.

f. there’s my competition who keeps on liking all the posts. He’s/She’s everywhere!

g. I am stalking this person and he/she doesn’t know about it.

h. I need to get his/her attention. If I keep on liking his/her posts, he/she will finally notice me.

i. not a single person has ever liked any of his/her posts. Pity.

j. the post/photo/video/link is just legendary. It’s worth the effort I exerted while clicking “Like“.


For sure, there are much more reasons why people click the “Like” button on Facebook. I find it sometimes funny when I “like” someone’s post, and then later on he/she likes whatever my post is. Returning the favor, I suppose? Hopefully not. 🙂

In reality though, you cannot just force yourself to like someone back just because he/she showed interest on you. Some things are really hard to press, especially when you know that taking the risk with that person would not be worth all your time and effort.


Clicking Facebook’s “Like” takes you about less than three seconds to do so.


Superficial. Sugar-coated.


To like someone back in real life requires more – not just your time.


Feelings emerge. Expectations build up.


It’s never about returning the favor.


It’s about forming a relationship, where, who knows? Could be yours for keeps.







So much for Facebook. No wonder my grandma does not approve of it that much. 🙂









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i teach: kids with special needs. i write: 3 things - for fun, for living, fo sho! =)) i read: whatever i can find in the library and at home. if nothing interests me, there's always the bookstore to satisfy my needs. =) i am a: certified crammer. i will: give this blog a shot and see where it takes me.


2 thoughts on “Press “Like”.

  1. Hello Teacher Maica, i just scanned your entries, you really have the gift of putting your experiences in to words na talaga very entertaining and informative to read. 🙂 More power to you. I’m a fan! 🙂

    Posted by Joy Galab | March 10, 2011, 10:48 am

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