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Mr. Flintstone is a wild child

Call him what? Mr. Flintstone? Because he can what? This is just so hilarious! 😀

So for the past few nights, me and a friend have been listening to this program in a radio station where the listeners are allowed to share their personal experiences on heartaches, more heartbreaks and sex. The latter in fact serves as the “main dish” of the menu, while the former as the appetite.

To say that the radio program is entertaining is an understatement. More than being entertained, the stories actually trigger people’s imaginations as the DJ and the caller exchange “double-meaning” conversations. Steamy scoops after all become fun to listen to especially when it is during an unholy hour.

However, some people do not know how to filter their stories. Yes there is anonymity in the part of the caller, but not all listeners have the taste to digest too much details of the sexcapade. Talk about prudence? It seems  that this virtue has long been gone, despite the strong call of the media for responsible censorship.

I do not have anything against the radio program. In fact, we kinda look forward to each episode. I just find myself in disbelief sometimes on how the modern day men and women take the word “liberal” too literally. Or should I say that we tend to take advantage of the true essence of what the word means?

Letting this all out would paint a picture of me as someone who has not done anything in the name of liberty. Some may even beg to disagree and say that it is a-okay to let the whole world know whose bed was rocked last night. After all, in the era that we are living in nowadays, WALANG BASAGAN NG TRIP. 😀

To talk about personal and intimate experiences once in a while can be healthy. But seriously, some people just need to learn how not to turn a small talk into a trash talk. The nitty-gritty can indeed make us smile wide from ear to ear, but when is “too much”, too much?

Honesty is the best policy? Heck yeah.

So much for coming clean, dirty talk can really be pleasing to the ears. 😉


CareDivas: forever and beyond =)

Most people do not find delight in watching  stage plays. Their reasons? The running time being too long, the script being so boring; actors not delivering their roles well, and the venue being extremely cold. The last play that I saw actually had me snoozing inside the theatre. (I found out that I wasn’t the only one who gave in to the charmer called “sleep”.)

I am a fan of theater acts , but due to the geographical constraint that I carry (FYI,  I happen to work in Batangas and I only get to be in Quezon City on weekends.), catching the latest stage plays became a complete struggle for me.  I wanted to watch RENT last February 25, but going to RCBC Plaza in Makati on a Friday night meant hell along EDSA. In short, the venue was just too far. Plus, it was my sister’s birthday night-out that evening, so from the very start I knew RENT was far-fetched.

Since I was practically logged-in on Facebook the entire Saturday, I saw a status update made by my batchmate from St. Scho Manila (hello there Leloi Arcete :D) who at present is working for Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Her shout-out was a call to those who wanted to catch the company’s latest musical comedy entitled CAREDIVAS. The February 27 shows were at 10am and 3pm, and PETA was not far from our place. To kill the curiosity inside me, I  was able to convince my mom to watch the play the following day.

CAREDIVAS. They are just tooooo hot to handle.

Before Sunday noon, there were already eight of us who would be watching CareDivas.  I called up PETA’s office number and reserved tickets for the 3pm show. We could not contain our eagerness to catch the play, but the recipient of the  “Most Excited” was my 84-year old grandmother.  Her excitement was just felt all over the house, because of the person in the picture below:

Phil Noble as Jonee

Phil Noble is my mom’s first cousin. His mommy and my grandma are sisters, and that makes us relatives. I used to see Tito Phil during family events. A small talk and a little bit of catching up during such occasions were just enough to say that yeah, we are family. All I know time, is that he’s a relative and that he had what I regarded as the coolest job on earth. He was a media person, and I have always wanted to be one. Even though we were not that close, I always felt proud whenever I see his name appear on the credits. I said to myself that someday, my name will also be flashed on the TV screen. So I went to college, got myself a degree, and here I am now, a Sped teacher. 😀 What happened along the way is another issue. ^_^
We arrived at the PETA theater with enough time to chitchat with some of my cousins and other relatives as well. They, too, were there to show support to Tito Phil.

Going back to the play, CareDivas is the story of five gay caregivers working in Israel. In the morning, they individually attend to their old and sickly patients. At night, these five different persons transform into “D’ Nightingales” – one all-diva singing group. They perform in a small club, and a humble dream of making it big in Tel Aviv motivates them to treat every performance as if it were the last.

As they work together to live the dream, conflicts start to rock the boat.

Bombings all over Israel. Immigration officers who keep on showing up. Deportations. The nasty and saintly employers. The mysterious guy (I remember how girls used to scream whenever he comes out on the stage ^_^) who makes one diva go gaga over love.

Lies. Pretensions. Sacrifices. Love.

The divas have their own stories to tell, but what brought them together is their lifelong passion of upholding the lives of their families back in the Philippines.

After watching it, I concluded that the  play explicitly revealed two things: first is the unheard, unseen and unspoken of issues experienced by most of our Overseas Filipino Workers, and second is the society’s acceptance of people from the third sex.

Having a father whose work is in another country, I was able to relate to some of the scenes portrayed by the divas. Who knows if your loved ones working abroad deal with hardcore nightmare everyday? Being an OFW is no joke at all.

CareDivas reinforces the call for gender equality: that being gay knows no boundaries as well. With us living in this time, the gay community are no longer confined in the four corners of salons. Moreover, the play teaches the audience to learn how to be true to oneself. Self-acceptance is the step to much bigger chance of being respected by a wider range of people.

Straight eye for the queer guy? =)

Kayla (Jerald Napoles) with my sister Kat

The diva who really caught my attention (aside from Jonee of course) was Kayla, portrayed by Jerald Napoles. For me, he had the greatest singing voice… and I forgot to mention, he has a very nice body. Being the diva who got deported back to PI, he delivered many of the dramatic lines. He was able to tickle our funny bones – especially the first dancing scene where he bumped and grind just like an experienced macho dancer. Oh and by the way, I heard he is very much straight. You are one great actor, Mr. Napoles. Too bad I was not able to  have a photo op with you.

MACHO SHOT. L-R: kuya mark, AG, kayla (jerald napoles) and JC

As what I have mentioned earlier in this post, the main reason why we watched the play is because of Tito Phil. More than being proud of him, I am happy to see him perform on stage because of his commendable skills in acting. If he has to be mataray, he will be mataray. If he needs to shift his emotions, he does so in a manner that is hard to notice.  I never knew also that he could sing! =) And he just looked dashing when he was in his blondie attire. He is indeed a true diva – forever and beyond. =)

My grandmother was all-smiles the entire play! She was so proud of her nephew that she was one of the many people who rushed out of the theater when the play ended, so she could have her picture taken with Tito Phil.

And boy, she got her wish granted. =) Awesome is the word for you, our dear Jonee! =) Congratulations!

me, jonee (Tito Phil), mama nita, kat

jonee (tito phil), mom, me

jonee (tito phil) and jc

L-R: mama nita, tito blas, jonee, tito vic

This is a must-see, seriously. CareDivas is a musical play that will have you laughing and crying at the same time. It has so many lessons to impart that it would be hard for me to write ’em one by one.  PETA is once more successful in producing a play worth your time, money and energy. With a handful of legendary actors as cast, there is no doubt that you would want to watch it for the 2nd time around.

This afternoon delight brought by PETA is something unforgettable for me. A show like this gives me hope that more and more Filipinos will soon appreciate the real entertainment offered by theater. I am positive that PETA would continue to create more plays that would exhibit the realities of a Filipino’s way of life.

We are all stars. We will shine, come the perfect time. We are all divas.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of CareDivas! It was definitely a great show.

***You can still catch Care Divas until March,2011. Reserve your tickets now!

Contact Peta at  (02) 7256244, (02) 4100821-22, 0917-5765400, petatheater@gmail.com

the day job: wake up your teacher

Blogs are supposed to be interesting and fun to read. I cannot completely say that what I have written exudes both adjectives.

Defying gravity.

Breaking the norms.

Taking a breather.


I have always loved going to school. Aside from learning new stuff (well that’s one of the main reasons why we enroll in a class, right?), what kept me excited were my friends. Cliche it may sound, but these people motivated me to drag myself out of bed every single day of my school life.

Good morning and How do you do.

Sing and dance.

Throw and catch.

Read and write.

Add and subtract.

Draw and color.

Goodbye and Thank you.

A concept then was instilled in my mind: school was definitely “LEARN and PLAY” at the same time.

Well I was a student back then – I was platonic and very idealistic (which I remain to be until now).  Things changed when I became a teacher. School was not all about L&P after all.

I work in the province, and getting to Manila to attend reunions and gatherings is quite a hassle for me. I sometimes do not get my weekends off due to the pile of work which need to be addressed. Handling kids with special needs can be draining, and at the end of the day our powers have been sucked already by all the activities we have performed. Sometimes, I feel like I am being eaten alive whenever there are frustrations between me and my students. So there’s no big room for us (my co-teacher) to do all the paperworks at the same day.

There have been instances where I bailed out from my social life mementos. I know I would say yes, but then things start to go crazy before the much awaited day comes. Thanks to social networking sites, I am able to be up to date with whatever my friends have been doing.

Just recently, I saw pictures of my former professors in college thru Facebook. While browsing them one by one, nostalgia started to kick in. Their faces painted bright-wide eyes and young hearts, despite the fact that these people are not getting any younger each day. Now I was able to see the human side of these teachers whom I feared and loved for 4 years. They enjoyed simple gatherings and small get-together events, just as I do now, being in the same field. Years from now, I hope  that I would still remain as a teacher who is young at heart and in mind.

They too have their share of sacrifices just to have their tasks done efficiently. Maybe one of them did not even have a social life to live back then.

I left school earlier this morning (4:00 am)l, together with our secretary, after printing the documents needed for an upcoming visit by an accrediting agency. Our teachers have been getting sleepless nights, just to make sure that all the necessary papers are handed over to the principal just in time. Practically all members of the school community work together to live out what the school claims – providing a tradition of academic excellence to its clientele.

With the phase we are working on in our school right now, a teacher having  pimples here and there is a nothing more but a normal dilemma already. Outburst of emotions by a stressed co-worker has become tolerable for most of us here. Despite what I have mentioned, most of them still manage to smile and move with grace even under pressure.

For teachers, school is not all about learning and playing. It is also about patience, service and perseverance. The school is a teacher’s place for self-discovery; where she would be able to find out in the end that she was able to do things she never thought she could.

I still do not have the right to regard myself as a “teacher”. I have still got a long way to be like one. Compared to the people I work with now, I have no match at all.

Pretty sure you still remember who your favorite teacher is. In one way or another, he/she has made a remarkable difference in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to say hi and catch up with each other? Because when you were still his/her young student, you were one of his/her top priorities.

Our teachers played a big role in building the life that we live today.

Thank a teacher. It pays. =)

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